Public Announcement

Date. 21-2-2021

1. The Tatmadaw had to take over the State responsibilities effective 1 February by declaring the State of Emergency according to the 2008 State Constitution, due to the election frauds.

2. At present, NLD party members and its supporters have protested in various ways and pressured the civil service personnel to participate in the CDM and block public roads with breakdown cars. Some incidents and clashes occurred between the protestors and people who have not taken part in the protest. Due to some health workers participating in the CDM, public health services have ceased to an extent, and local protests against it also occurred.

3. Beginning from 8 February, the State Administration Council has imposed Section 144 of Criminal Procedure in 146 townships where violent acts and riots may happen and create disturbances to the public security, the rule of law, and community tranquillity. However, NLD party members and its supporters have incited the protesters to make hostile behaviours and clashes with the security force members, leading towards a confrontation path. It is found that such incidents as Thapyaygone Roundabout in Nay Pyi Taw, 38th street between 76th and 78th streets, railway section near 34th street between 78th and 79th streets, and Gaw Wein Jetty in Mandalay, and Zaygyo ward in Mawlamyine indicated that the riotous protesters started physically attacking and clashing with the security forces, resulting into riots.

4. The security force members had to disperse the riotous protesters by following the prescribed crowd dispersal methods. Though the protesters dispersed, some notorious excriminals and their gangs used sticks, knives, stones, catapults, and other weapon-like materials to attack the security force members. Such doings turned to riots and anarchy mob as the security force members had to fire back.

5. It is found that the protesters have raised their incitement towards riot and anarchy mob on the day of 22 February. Protesters are now inciting the people, especially emotional teenagers and youths, to a confrontation path where they will suffer the loss of life.

6. Thus, youths are required to be vigilant for such wrongdoings of notorious excriminals and their gangs. Parents and the general public are also earnestly requested to safeguard the youths for the tranquillity of the nation.

Information Team

State Administration Council